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Ultima Memor-X® 100m


Memor-X® has been completely re-engineered to make the perfect hook snood material for saltwater fishing. Totally memory free, Memor-X® ties perfect small knots and delivers completely natural bait presentation. Strong with excellent knot strength and superb reliability, Memor-X® is the ultimate hook snood material.

Memor-X® has been designed to deliver perfect presentation in a hook snood. Smooth and supple, Memor-X® has absolutely no memory and ties perfectly straight, neat, small knots that stand out from the rig body perfectly. Memor-X® is also designed to eliminate any permanent elongation so it maintains perfect presentation cast after cast. Memor-X® has been designed to cope with the rigours of rough, unpredictable ground with a super high abrasion resistance. Produced in three different colours, Clear, Red and Black to cover all eventualities. Memor-X® is the ultimate hook snood material.

Colours: Clear, Red, Black

Spool Sizes: 100m

RRP £3.95 saving off £1.00

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