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Ultima Enigma 50m Spool


Enigma is a remarkable leader and rig body material that perfectly combines two seemingly opposing characteristics, toughness and softness. Enigma is the softest most supple leader material imaginable and at the same time over twenty times more abrasion resistant than normal leaders. Enigma is the perfect material for all your rig making and leader requirements. The 70lb in particular makes the most remarkable leader and rig body material for UK waters.

RRP £4.50

Developed by Ultima’s team of world class anglers, Enigma is the specialist leader and rig body material that is incredibly strong with a very high knot strength. However, the really remarkable thing about Enigma is that it offers two completely opposite characteristics married together in this one remarkable product. The inclusion of a new aluminium compound in the line has increased the abrasion resistance of Enigma to more than twenty times that of a standard mono. Remarkable enough in itself, but by also using the very latest polymer technology, Ultima has managed to produce the supplest and smoothest leader imaginable that has absolutely no memory. Enigma should be the leader of choice for any serious saltwater angler.

Colours: Silt or Sand

Spool Sizes: 50m

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