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Ultima - Power Strike® - 4oz


Power Strike is a specialist low stretch predator line designed for the lure angler who casts spinners and artificial baits. Super strong with high knot strength, Power Strike will reliably cast and retrieve lures and spinners with ease for hours on end, remaining unaffected by abrasion or snags. This is a excellent product designed specifically for the specialist predator angler.

Special Offer 2 spools for £14

Power Strike has been designed specifically for bait casting and lure fishing for predatory fish in fresh and salt water. It is smooth and supple for easy and accurate casting. It is also extremely strong and robust to stand up to continuous casting and rough conditions. Designed with minimum stretch for maximum sensitivity and great bite detection, Power Strike uses high quality copolymers to produce the high linear and knot strength and has been tested extensively by some of the best pike and bass anglers in the world. Power Strike is increasingly becoming the line of choice for many predator anglers who rely on its ability to deal with the toughest conditions.

Colours: Low Vis Brown

Spool Sizes: 1/4lb

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