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Ultima - Power Braid® - 300yrds, 275m

£19.95 (Sold out)

Power Braid® is the optimum high tech four strand braid made from the latest 100% Dynaflex® PE microfibers. The combination of unequalled strength, ultra-thin diameter, round profile and almost no stretch make Power Braid® stand out. In addition, the very high knot strength and special Teflon® coating, added for smoother casting and better abrasion resistance, make Power Braid® possibly the best high tech four strand superline braid there is.

Power Braid® has been carefully designed using the latest new Dynaflex® PE micro fibres that deliver amazing strength, ultra-thin diameter and extreme sensitivity. Power Braid® is carefully engineered with a round profile to aid long, smooth, accurate casting. A unique Teflon® coating is applied to the line that not only helps increase the knot strength and abrasion resistance but also makes the surface smoother for improved casting distances. Ultima Power Braid® is possibly the strongest, highest performing and most user friendly high tech four strand micro braid there is. Perfect for all types of angling including saltwater boat, lure fishing and freshwater lure fishing and spinning.

Colours: Grey, Hi Vis Red, Moss Green

Spool Sizes:  275m

RRP £24.95

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