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Akios - Tourno 656 MM3


The New Mag System allows a longer stroke of the magnet on and off the spool enabling the magnetic field to come off the spool completely setting up an ultimate cost opportunity.

3 Stainless Steel Bearings
2 Spare AKIOS Ceramic Bearings
Infinite Anti-Reverse Bearing
Multi-Disc Carbon Drag System
Machined Brass Cut Gears
Double Sports Handle & Micro Anodised Star Wheel
NEW MONO MAG Adjustable Brake System
6.3:1 Gear Ration
Parallel spool for better balance
Large Knobbly Mag Adjuster
Large Body Screws For Easy Access
Dual Anti-Reverse
Free Floating Spool for Longer Casts
One Piece CNC Precision Engineered Cage
Larger Spindle to prevent spool distortion
Lightweight Aluminium Anodised Side Plates

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